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Hello Gorgeous!

brideAbout Me

Where did my passion for makeup come from? Two very unique sources. The first was watching my mother get ready for a night out. I would stare at her in awe as she applied red satin lips, stunning eyeliner & the fullest sexy false lashes I’ve ever seen! She was a true artisan.

My next influence came when at the tender age of 21 I was getting married. Not having the best complexion in the world I still wanted to look stunning on my Special Day, especially for my photographs. Wandering down the Mall one night I came across a makeup studio. I asked the artist if he could minimize my flaws & provide me with a makeup that would last the day. His answer….YES!

I could not see the transformation taking place, when finished he handed me the mirror. I burst into tears of joy, I never believed I could look so beautiful.

On that day I made myself a promise to acquire the skills to provide other women with that same wonderful sensation. I believe that beauty lies within, I also believe that to know you look your absolute most stunning self creates confidence. A confident woman is a beautiful woman.

My passion for creating looks which range from glamorous & sophisticated to fresh & natural; allows me to fulfill every client’s desire. My makeup philosophy is to create the most beautiful version of you enhancing your natural features & capturing the true essence of your personality.

I have trained at 2 of Adelaide’s most prestigious makeup schools: Media Makeup Academy & Paint School of Makeup Artistry. Whether it be your Wedding Day, award ceremony or a special occasion my desire is to provide you with a unique makeup experience.

Maria x